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It all started…

My name is Daniel Vicente, creator of SOS Music. I am a flamenco guitarist and teacher. Like all great ideas, SOS Music emerged from a need.

It all started when throughout the academic courses some of my students told me that what they had learned in previous courses or even in the previous quarter were unable to touch it. But the last straw was the next personal experience….

Summer Night 2018, Aldea del Rocío (Huelva). That night he accompanied at a private party, for those who do not know, a flamenco guitarist must be prepared to accompany anyone without the need for a previous rehearsal. In part of the performance I was blank and had to improvise much of what was left at night. That situation made me reflect and come to wonder if I was studying properly.

From here I began to research on study methods, learning strategies, memory and the curve of forgetfulness. It must be said that in this field I had the great help of my travel companion and collaborator Maria Jesús, a degree in Psychology, whom I would like to thank for all your support. During this process I met the SM2 algorithm(https://www.supermemo.com/) and set out to adapt it to all the needs of a music student.

Since then every day I continue to work and learn to improve SOS Music, thanks to this, the adaptation of the algorithm has become a tiny part of the great product achieved, SOS Music.

Get to know me better

Daniel Vicente, artistic name of Daniel Jerónimo Vicente García (b. Elche 17/02/1988), natural flamenco guitarist of La Murada, a hamlet of Orihuela (Alicante), home land of the renowned flamenco poet Miguel Hernández.

In 2017 he decided to take the entrance test to the Conservatorio Profesional de Música Cristóbal de Morales in Seville, where he obtained the best qualification of the call. Since then he has combined his studies at the Conservatorio Profesional de Música Cristóbal de Morales, while teaching at the Rebollar Academy of Performing Arts. He currently does research on how to improve academic performance in Music students, having developed a novel system of organizing study sessions for musicians and other related arts.

She has worked at Laura Vital’s company, participating in several of her shows, she has also shared the stage with singers such as Nano de Jerez and Manuel Romero, as well as having accompanied great dance figures such as Yolanda Lorenzo and Maria Rebollar.

Flamenco guitarist with a traditional touch and with a great knowledge of singing. Today he is one of the most requested guitarists by the Flamenco Peñas of Seville.

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