The first “System of Organization of Studio Sessions for Musicians”

What does using SOS Music App give you?

Time optimization

With our optimized sessions you will make the most of every minute you spend studying.


With our rest management system you will reduce the risk to injury.


The SOS Music Library keeps your studio material well organized and easily localized.

Flexibility of use

You’ll have access to SOS Music App from any device, anywhere, you just need a network connection.


With our statistics system you will know the time you spend studying each type of subject.

Reduction of Forgetting

SOS Music incorporates a review system based on the SM2 algorithm, to improve long-term memory and reduce learning forgetfulness.

Everything you need

Studying a musical discipline requires hours and hours of dedication. It is essential to make the most of every minute.
The key is the use of learning strategies and the use of the right tools.
SOS Music is a virtual platform that offers you everything you need to study efficiently. This is our main goal.

  • Metronome
  • Media player
  • Sheet music viewer
  • Personal library
  • Personalized sessions
  • Optimized sessions
  • Planning tools
  • Statistics
  • Rest manager

Flexible and Adapted

Can you imagine being able to study with any device and from anywhere without having to carry your tools and study materials?

SOS Music App is developed so you can access it from anywhere no matter the type of device. You will have access to all the tools (Metronome, SOS Music Player, Rest Manager, Optimized and Custom Sessions…) and all your material (Scores, multimedia, rhythmic bases…) whenever and wherever you want.

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